Klap is the new era in payment solutions!

We are thrilled to introduce you to Klap, the evolution of Multicaja. In our ongoing commitment to bring innovation into your hands, we have made a series of enhancements and advancements to power up your transactions and payment experiences.

• At Klap, we broaden your payment options, allowing your customers to carry out transactions using credit, debit, and prepaid cards.

• We remain committed to our core services, such as phone top-ups, bill payments, lottery games, wire transfers, bank deposits, and electronic invoices.

• We are dedicated to your growth and modernization, and that's why we strive to offer you complete support to help boost your sales.

• Our commitment to security remains unwavering, but now we provide it in a more simple, fast, and flexible way.

• Our POS machines are increasingly modern and adaptable, designed to perfectly match your needs.

• We offer various and innovative options for selling your products online, allowing you to extend your reach and tap into new markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

There's no reason for concern, your Multicaja SLC balance will be automatically transferred to Klap.

No, the accounts where you deposit your SLC balance will remain the same.

No, your existing contracted services will remain valid, so you don't need to sign any new contract or annex.

No, your executive will remain the same. You can check their details at www.klap.cl.

Your POP material will gradually be changed, but for the moment, you can continue using what you have.

Yes, you can continue to operate with your current POS machine without any inconvenience.

Yes, you can continue to log in with your 4-digit password at www.klap.cl.

The emails of your executive and contact will change to the structure: firstname.lastname@klap.cl. However, during a transition period, you can continue to send emails with the @multicaja.cl extension.

The services you have contracted will remain valid and will not undergo any changes.

No, the change to Klap will not affect current rates and commissions. They will remain unchanged.


  • Over 300 million transactions are conducted annually with Klap
  • More than 1 million users have taken advantage of Klap's digital services
  • More than 95% of municipalities in Chile have Klap businesses

Authorizations and Certifications

acerca de banco central

Authorized by the Central Bank since March 5, 2009, to carry out transactions with debit cards.

[ See authorization ]

CMF authorized since October 25, 2010, to carry out transactions with debit cards.

[ See authorization ]
acerca de pci

We have had PCI certification since 2017.

acerca de mastercard

Authorized to process Mastercard cards since 2017.

acerca de visa

Licensed to process Visa cards since March 2018.

acerca de union

Licensed to process UnionPay cards since August 2019